Kids Salvation Help for Parents, Pastors, and Sunday School Teachers

Are you concerned about the salvation of children in your family, neighborhood, and church family?  If you know children that need to understand salvation, this site is for you. In this site you will find information on salvation resources. I have gathered up my twenty years worth of children’s salvation tips and information about children’s baptism, leading children in the sinner’s prayer, how to give a testimony to children, and how to know when your child is ready to be saved, and posted it here.

picture of Miss Robin, internet Bible teacher for kidsHello, my name is Miss Robin, and I  spent many years teaching the Bible to children. For twenty years I taught Sunday School, VBS, AWANA, and about everything there was to teach to elementary kids.  Finally God led me to specialize in discipling the new Christian children at my church and counseling them about salvation and baptism. While I was doing this, God led to me write a  salvation curriculum for children called Anwers For New Christians.

If I may tell you a little bit about  my salvation curriculum, Answers For New Christians, kids love it because it is fun! Kids love coloring the pictures, doing Bible fill ins, and puzzles while learning good salvation doctrine.        (We cover repentance, the substitutionary death of Jesus, and why we believe the Bible, among other things. Kids also love the characters Disciple Dan and BiC, (whose name is an acronym for Baby in Christ,) and Mr. Owl.

Answers For New Christians led to a New Christian Class for children that was the first of its kind. I am currently working on this teacher’s manual for churches and other groups.

I hope this site will be a blessing to you and the children that you love.  Be sure to check out and for more children’s salvation resources and Christian books.

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